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Key Personnel

The following tables outline the key people to contact if you have any concerns or positive feedback throughout the year.

Who? Reason?
Office Staff  For any day to day matters, absences, general enquiries etc.

Finance Officer

Mrs Sarah Worth & Mrs Kate Santo

For any enquiries relating to your school account. 

Business Manager

Scott Clegg

Responsible for the overseeing of matters relating to business, finance, maintenance and resources.

Classroom Teacher

(See child's timetable)

First point of contact for anything pertaining to that individual subject. This may include class work, homework, assignments, or a specific incident that occurred in that classroom. 

Curriculum Leader

(See table below)

If a parent has worked with their child's classroom teacher and feels that their needs should be further addressed. For matters relating to a specific subject or a group of subjects. 

Enhanced Learning Department

Ms Megan Lawler

Mrs Jacinta Obst

Mrs Melissa Baker

Mrs Ann Carmichael 

If a parent feels that their child needs some support in the classroom due to diverse learning needs. 

Year Level Pastoral Leader

(See table below)

First point of contact for any issues relating to your child's wellbeing.

Assistant Principal Pastoral & Wellbeing

Mrs Julie Collins

Responsible for any pastoral or wellbeing matters that a parent feels cannot be dealt with by a Pastoral Academic Leader.

Assistant Principal Mission & Identity

Responsible for all matters dealing with the RE Curriculum, Religious Life and Culture of the College, including Faith and Spiritual formation, College Charism and connection to Parish. 

Deputy Principal Curriculum & Organisation 

Mrs Anna Hardy

Responsible for matters relating to daily organisation of the College. Responsible for all curriculum structure and matters in reporting, QCE and QCAA requirements. 


Mrs Liisa Hammond

Responsible for the overseeing of all matters relating to the College.

The table below identifies the Pastoral Academic Leaders and which year level they look after.

Year Level Pastoral Leader
Year 7  Mrs Jacinta Obst (Acting) 
Year 8 Mr Brady Retallick
Year 9 Mrs Dimity Gardner
Year 10 Mrs Jill Hume
Senior Pastoral Leader Ms Codie Ellis

The table below identifies the Curriculum Leaders and which subject areas they look after.

Curriculum Leaders Subject Areas
Mrs Bianca Retallick



Mrs Esther Hohenheim Mathematics
Mr David Felstead (Acting) Science 

Mrs Carol Sharp (Acting)

Mr Matt Bruton



Mrs Amanda Stevens


Digital Technologies

Business and Civics

Mrs Nat Bennett/Mrs Anna Hardy




Home Economics

Forms and Documents

Forms and Documents

School Calendar

School Calendar

Report Absence

Report Absence

School Newsletter (Due Fortnightly)

School Newsletter (Due Fortnightly)