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Boosting and Supporting Education (BASE)

Assumption College recognises the individual needs of all students. Those who require additional educational support due to learning difficulties or diagnosed disabilities are provided with both direct and indirect support to students, families and staff. Classroom adjustments and modifications are determined in consultation with specialists, staff and parents/carers in order to provide support and implement intervention programmes to assist your child with their learning.

Our enrichment days are designed to offer extra-curricular opportunities to high potential learners. Interest areas such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), the Arts, creative problem solving and sustainability are explored through museum and theme park visits, the Opti-MINDS challenge, focussed incursions and excursions to special events.

Our Learning Support team consists of Daniel Clunn (Learning Support Teacher), Ann Carmichael (Learning Support Teacher), Jenny Gillespie (School Counsellor) and our dedicated school officers – Rebecca Butler, Jillian Johnson, Alison Orford, Theresa Bourke and Kate Nolan. Through classroom, small group and individual support we can provide:

·         A tailored transition program

·         Macq-Lit literacy intervention

·         Corrective Mathematics numeracy intervention

·         In-class School Officer support

·         Modifications, Adjustments and Personalised Strategies (MAPS) for students with a verified diagnosis

·         Extension and enrichment activities

·         Access to the School Counsellor

·         Approved adjustments for assessment items

·         Small group assignment assistance

·         A modified curriculum, if required

·         Supported study sessions in Year 11/12

·         Tailored senior pathways