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College Board

Meetings: 3rd Monday of each month at 6:00pm in the College Staff Room.St Mary around a wreath

Members of the College community have the right and responsibility to participate in the life of the school. ‘We have to find ways of discerning the signs of the times in the experiences, hopes, dreams, fears, values and wisdom of the parents of our students everywhere. In doing this, we will have taken another essential step towards fostering authentic partnership and we will have recognised that the renewal of the Catholic school is the task of the whole Catholic community’. (B Dwyer, Catholic Schools: Creating a New Culture, E.J. Dwyer, Sydney, 1993, p.63)

One critical form of involvement is through School Boards which have an important role in discernment and decision-making regarding policy. Such boards give expression to our ideal for collaboration and participation. 
The Spirit of God is present with each person and speaks through each one’s lived experience. The recognition of the wisdom that comes from each person’s lived experience provides the foundation for the shared wisdom model on which School Boards are based. The leadership of a School Board is to be characterised by the Gospel value of service. Vatican II encouraged greater participation in the life of the Church and encouraged collaboration at all levels.

The School Board recognises that parents are the primary educators of their children and gives expression to our ideals of service, collaboration, participation, and partnership. The College Board is called to stewardship, which is to be caring without controlling and decisive without becoming possessive.

College Board Mission Statement

With Christ at the centre of our mission and faithful to the charism of Catherine McAuley and Edmund Rice, we commit ourselves to serving the Assumption College community with:

  • Faithfulness
  • Justice
  • Love
  • Humility and
  • Hope

In living out its Mission, the College Board will operate from the following principles:

  • The Board will strive to support the Principal and Staff to nurture the Catholic ethos of the College.
  • Maintain appropriate communication with the College community.
  • Arrive at informed decision making using a shared wisdom model which reflect the social teaching of the Church.
  • Be open to continual renewal processes.