The Tuckshop is a vital service of the College providing morning tea and lunch to all students and staff. The school canteen is staffed daily by parents, or past parents of our students. The Tuckshop provides a wide variety of foodstuffs and drinks and are available at very reasonable prices. Healthier food is very popular requiring quite a bit of preparation to be done each day. During the course of the College day it is not appropriate for students to purchase foodstuff from outside suppliers.

To enable the Tuckshop to run smoothly though, we need volunteers to help each day. The day starts at 9:15 am and finishes at approximately 2:15 pm. A day at Tuckshop helps you to see your children at High School (they do love having you there), meet and talk with the teachers and staff plus meet other parents of Assumption College.

We would really like you to put your name on the roster. If you are able to do so please contact the College Office.