Saving Work to OneDrive

It is heartbreaking when students lose their work.  Now that we have Office365, this need never happen again!  Students must follow these steps when saving work in Word (or any Office365 app)

1. Create your document.  Press the arrow in the top left corner & press 'Save'


2. If you see 'OneDrive' listed - tap it, name your document & you're away!  Once your document is saved to OneDrive it will sync with the cloud & be available on any device you log in to.

3. If OneDrive is not an option, click on 'Add a Place'

Then choose 'One Drive for Business'

4. Enter your SCHOOL email address

5. Log in to your Office 365 Account with your school email address & password

6. You should now have the option to save your work to OneDrive.  As always, if you have problems, please contact Mrs Wooding in the library or by emailing