Introducing our Talking Technology Blog!

As you are aware, at Assumption College, we operate a 1:1 iPad program. But what does that mean for our students? What does that mean for our parents?

In response to government policy, Assumption College began its 1:1 iPad journey fin the early years of the Rudd Government, with the ipads becoming available ultimately to all students in 2014. The possibilities for engaging students and enhancing their outcomes through integrating technology have been well documented and we are keen to see our students reap the benefits of this technology.

Of course, implementing the program can present challenges, especially for families new to the College. For some, the sudden ‘reliance’ of students on personal devices may be foreign, or simply assisting our children to use these devices may not come naturally if we, the parent, have not been exposed to using iPads ourselves. Each week, I hope to use this space to present tips for parents to be involved in and understand their student’s use of the iPad. This may include case studies of how they are actually used in our classes, ideas for ensuring students are safe and responsible and app-specific information.

If you have an area of our school-oriented technology in which you would like support, or have questions relating to iPads or technology at Assumption, please email me at I look forward to sharing our digital journey with you!