How Assumption Uses iPads

It can be difficult to know, as a parent, just how your children uses their iPad at school and how they are expected to use it at home.

At Assumption, your child may be asked to:

Use ‘Pages’ (like Microsoft Word) to type up work/assignments

  • Use ‘Keynote’ (like Microsoft Powerpoint) to create a presentation to share with the class
  • Use ‘iMovie’ to create a video or presentation on a topic
  • Use a subject-specific app to learn content or explore concepts
  • Access a digital copy of a textbook
  • Interact with their teachers and peers on Edmodo, a ‘learning community’ website where teachers post assignments and notes and students can publish responses, questions, etc.
  • Research assignments using the Internet and school-provided online resources such as the Online Research Portal ( and Britannica School ( username ‘assumptioncol’ password ‘warwick’)
  • Submit assignments digitally via email

Also, we will be soon implementing the ‘E-Diary’ for every student. This app will allow students to maintain a record of homework and assignments as well as provide a portal for communication between school and parents.

Despite their use in all of these areas, iPads are not required for ALL tasks, homework and assignments in ALL classes. In fact, there are still many times where teachers specifically request students read a hard copy text (for example, a class novel) or hand-write a task. As parents it may be difficult to supervise technology use at home if you’re unsure about how much of your child’s work must be completed digitally, and whether they are using the technology appropriately. Carl Hooker, Director of Innovative & Digital Learning from the Eanes Independent School District in the USA, offers the following advice:

“Be vigilant and request that homework be completed in a common area of the home (if possible). In the evening, children definitely need their sleep. Perhaps it is best that the iPad does not go to bed with your child. Setting up a charging station that is in a common area of the home will help keep the iPad out of the bedroom at night. Please contact your child’s teacher with specific questions if you’re unsure if the iPad is required by your child to complete their assignment or homework.”

Tips used with permission