Co Curriculum

A social environment that respects enthusiasm and encourages participation is the best atmosphere for study.

Assumption College offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. When students involve themselves fully in these activities, they have the chance to relate with their teachers and peers on a different level and to display talents not necessarily in evidence in the classroom.

Assumption College is its students. Enrolment here constitutes an undertaking to fulfil commitments to the College's cultural, religious, social and sporting activities. The College deserves to field, in all its extra-curricular activities, the best possible representatives at whatever level of performance. No student should absolve themself from this commitment.

As a member of the Warwick Secondary School Sporting Association, Assumption College has accepted responsibility to participate in the full sporting programme of that Association and to foster local community participation and competition. Inter-school sport: Athletics, Basketball , Cricket , Cross Country, Hockey, Netball, Rugby League, Soccer, Futsal, Swimming, Tennis.

Assumption College students are eligible for State Schoolboy and Schoolgirl representation in a wide variety of sports, through membership of the Queensland State Secondary Schools‟ Sports Association.

Access to this representation is a progression through a series of district, regional and state selection trials. This progression is illustrated diagrammatically as follows:

Darling Downs School sport website link:

Darling Downs School sport website link:

As well as these opportunities, the College nominates teams to compete in a range of state-wide competitions in such sports as: indoor cricket, tennis, hockey, netball, cricket, futsal and the Southern Downs and Broncos Cup Rugby League and Netball championships.

Typical examples of co-curricular activities which occur at Assumption College, are listed below:

  • Astronomy Night
  • ASX Stock Market Competition
  • Broncos Cup (Yrs 7-10) Netball & Rugby League
  • Confraternity Rugby League & QISSNetball
  • Equestrian Programme
  • International Women's Day Breakfast
  • Musical
  • Performing Arts Nights
  • Riding for the Disabled
  • School Socials
  • Supreme Courts visits, Brisbane



Typical examples of life experience activities available to Assumption College students include:

  • Career Information
  • Day Excursions to:
  • Art Galleries
  • Live Drama Productions
  • Museums
  • Theme Parks
  • Friendship Club
  • Guest Speakers
  • Qld Arts Council Performances
  • Safe Drive Course
  • Society of St Vincent de Paul Conference
  • Hatch Retreat
  • Real Talk Presentations
  • Year 12 Formal
  • Year 12 Valedictory Mass and Dinner
  • Year 12 Induction of Seniors
  • Year 11/12 Ethnographic Excursion
  • Year 11 Leadership Camp
  • Year 10 Work Experience
  • Year 9 Canberra Tour
  • Year 8 Camp Kokoda


Assumption College is a contemporary Catholic College. Religious Education classes are compulsory. Those seeking enrolment at the College are expected to make a commitment to the ethos of the Catholic School.  In practice this would mean support and participation in:

  • Anzac Day Liturgy                                          
  • Assembly Prayer
  • Class Liturgies
  • Fathers Day Breakfast
  • Feast of Assumption Mass
  • Mothers/Grandparents’ Day Mass
  • Opening of the Academic Year Mass  
  • Prayer at the start of lessons
  • Queensland Catholic Education Week activities
  • Religious Retreats organised by the College